Current Competitions:

Monthly Mugs,

 Four Mugs played the first Saturday of each month.

Monthly Mugs .  Presented to the lowest Gross & Nett scores of the day, across the field ,for both  men and women’s individual competitions.
The winners of the Mugs may approach any club member on a Saturday to fill their Mug, the club member may only be approached once by the mug holder in that month.

A full set of rules can be found in the Policy Manual.

Object - Good social interaction and fun. 

Major Events:
Fairhall Open Spring Classic
26/27th November 2022
Open Tournament Men and Women.
see - Tournaments - Fairhall Open Spring Classic
 2021 Winners: Phil Morton & Jane Anderson Bay

Robinson Memorial Trophy
Saturday 5th November 2022.
Mixed Four Ball Best Ball Nett Hole by hole.
2021 Winners: Dave Knappstein & Denise Pickering 

Fred and Marge Betts Memorial Trophy
Saturday 12th November 2022.
Mixed 4BBB Nett choose own partner
Proceeds to the Junior fund.
2021 Winners: Alaister & Vivienne Boyle  

Allan Scott Marlborough Women's Tournament
2022 Tournament on 14th; 15th & 16th March 2022
Entries open 1 November 2021,
see Tournaments - Allan Scott Tournament

Marlborough Golf Club Championship results 2021
Senior: Tom Turner
Intermediate A: William Harrison
Intermediate B: Tim Abrahams
Junior A: Michael Dwyer
Junior B: Paul Meehan

Senior: Emily Stenhouse
Senior 11.  Lynda Shanks
Bronze1:   Marion Tripe
Bronze 11:  Vivienne Boyle
Bronze 111:  Jo Ross 
Silver Flight 11:   Denise Pickering 
Nine Hole Championship: Suzanne Clifford
Champion of Champions @ Nelson GC
Snr Women:  Emily Stenhouse 3rd.
Snr Men:  Tom Turner 4th.
Intermediate Men: Hamish Morrow 4th. 
Winners of the Villa Maria Cup 2021
Men: William Harrison 
Women: Marion Tripe