Current Competitions:

Monthly Mugs,

 Four Mugs played the first Saturday of each month.

Monthly Mugs .  Presented to the lowest Gross & Nett scores of the day, across the field ,for both  men and women’s individual competitions.
The winners of the Mugs may approach any club member on a Saturday to fill their Mug, the club member may only be approached once by the mug holder in that month.

A full set of rules can be found in the Policy Manual.

Object - Good social interaction and fun. 

Major Events:
Fairhall Open Spring Classic
11/12 December 2021
Open Tournament Men and Women.
see - Tournaments - Fairhall Open Spring Classic

Redwood Tavern Robinson Memorial Trophy
Saturday 16th October 2021
Mixed Four Ball Best Ball Nett Hole by hole.

Fred and Marge Betts Memorial Trophy
Saturday 27th November 2021 
Mixed 4BBB Nett choose own partner
Proceeds to the Junior fund.

Allan Scott Marlborough Women's Tournament
2022 Tournament on 14th; 15th & 16th March 2022
Entries open 1 November 2021,
see Tournaments - Allan Scott Tournament

Marlborough Golf Club Champs results 2021
Senior: Tom Turner
Intermediate A: William Harrison
Intermediate B: Tim Abrahams
Junior A: Michael Dwyer
Junior B: Paul Meehan

Senior: Emily Stenhouse
Senior 11.  Lynda Shanks
Bronze1:   Marion Tripe
Bronze 11:  Vivienne Boyle
Bronze 111:  Jo Ross 
Silver Flight 11:   Denise Pickering 
Nine Hole Championship: 
Winners of the Villa Maria Cup 2021
Men: William Harrison 
Women: Marion Tripe