Club Competitions
Women’s Club Competitions
All members must be financial to play for club trophies.
All matches must be played on due date or before.

Women’s Trophies
Boag Rosebowl – full playing members only.
(Presented by Dr and Mrs N F Boag – 1939.
Singles knockout match play on handicap.

Winifred Orr
Full playing and midweek players.
Presented by Mrs W Orr – 1966.
Singles knockout match play on handicap.
This trophy now played in the summer.

Mason Holland Cup
Full playing members only.
Presented by Mrs R A Mason and Mrs R Holland – 1972.
Four ball match play on handicap – drawn partners.

Esson Mills Trophy
Full playing and midweek players.
Presented by Mrs M Esson and Mrs B Mills – 1973.
Four ball knockout match play on handicap – drawn partners.

Avril Watson Cup
Full playing and mid week players.
Presented by Mrs A Watson – 1980.
Four out of 6 aggregate stableford rounds on set days.

Jessie Murray Eclectic
Full playing members only.
Two medal rounds on named days – selecting the best score on each hole from
either round.

Williams Veteran Comp - No Trophy
Midweek on named days.
Presented by Mrs K Williams.
Two stableford rounds. 50+.

Lady Veteran Trophy 70+
Presented by Mrs Janet Clarke 1995.
Best aggregate of six medal rounds during the main season.
To be played at Fairhall only on any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday when a medal
round is scheduled.

Hammond Trophy - Presented by Mrs E M Hammond 1958
Full playing members weekend only players, six out of 10 medal rounds.
Nett aggregate.

Edinger Memorial Trophy
Full playing members only.
Presented by Mrs E M Edinger  1980.
Best six medal rounds (nett) over the golfing season.

Fairhall Cup
Full playing and midweek players for most improved junior.
Presented by Mrs R H Coker for C grade competition (1951).
Best three out of four medal rounds.
1959 Cup changed to most improved junior.
Sept 1978 - Mrs N Nairn (donor of trophy) advised this trophy to be strictly
for C grade players i.e. the most improved unearned or 36-hole handicapper at the beginning of the season for the year. It was agreed that as long as the deemed winner is in the correct grade at the beginning of the year, she can win the trophy more than once.

Putts to be counted on LGU days with a specified number of days counting.
Silver and Bronze.
LGU Putts Competition
Open to all.
One prize on LGU day for least number of putts. This is separate from the other Putts

Unichem Competition
This is played each month – March to September. Best three stableford cards. Final played over 18 holes by the monthly winners on a Sunday in October.

Christine Summerton Memorial Trophy / Shootout Presented 2015
Best nett score from any Wednesday or Saturday medal round to be used. 10 ladies with the best
scores to play in order in the shootout.

Diana Pye Summer Trophy
Presented by Mrs D Pye 2007.
This trophy is for the best aggregate of five stableford rounds on ladies’ competition days - during the summer season – from the Wednesday after closing day to the Wednesday prior to opening day.

Mens Club Competitions
Caldwell Cup: Best Senior Gross in qualifying rounds.
Gawn Cup: Top qualifier in Intermediate A.
Marlborough Sports Depot Cup: Top qualifier Intermediate B . 
Club Captain’s : Trophy. Top qualifier junior by handicap.
James Jeffries Trophy: Most improved junior by handicap.
Tancred Trophy: Best qualifying junior under 20 years.
Bennett Trophy: Best Nett qualifier all grades.
Haig Trophy: Men's 4BBB knockout on current handicap.
BA Moore Trophy: Men's singles knockout on current handicap.
AO McClean Salver: Men's single knockout on current handicap for players over 60 years.
Croft Summer Knockout Trophy: Men's fourball match play.

Mixed Club Competitions
G Bing Trophy: Mixed combined stableford , match play.
Critchley Cup: Mixed Canadian Foursomes medal round + best gross.
Don Watson Trophy: Mixed 4BBB par. Drawn partners.
Fred and Marge Betts Memorial Trophy: Mixed 4BBB Nett.
Cairns Trophy: 4BBB mixed stableford.
Redwood Tavern Trophy: Mixed 4BBB Nett.
Tolerance Cup: Mixed competition, holes 1-9 combined stableford – holes 10-18 multiple stableford.
Croft Summer Knockout Trophy mixed combined stableford match play.

Please Note: handicap maximums for the Saint Clair Family Estate Greensome, Marlborough Foursome ( when reinstated ) and Knockouts - men play on a maximum of 27 and women on a maximum of 36.

9 Hole Competitions
Walsh Trophy
Presented by Mr and Mrs W Walsh 1978 match play.

Rutherford Halliday Trophy
Presented by Mrs T Halliday and Mrs S Rutherford 2002.
Best five stableford rounds played by 9 holers over the winter season.

Alice Dodds Trophy
Played by 9 holers as a monthly putting competition.

9 Hole Trophy
Presented by Mrs V E Evans 1999. Given annually to the most improved player. This is presented to a beginner
in the novice group.

Anderson Windburn Cup - 1978
9 Hole players best medal.