Allan Scott Womens Tournament
GROSS & NETT WEDNESDAY 18th March 2020  
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE 1        
7:22 Greco Margaret Ryan Pamela Wotton Juliette  
7:29 Keys Kaye Trapp Linley Neill Diane McLellan Di
7:36 Simpson Sue Willett Gillian Cooper Judy Walls Helen
7:43 Schott Lyn Fletcher Michelle Skilton Mary Reynolds Bronwyn
7:50 Clark Debbie Harding Jill Eggers Mary Robert Linda
7:57 Ussher Sally Knowles Julia Saunders Rachel Burns Rosemary
8:04 Cockcroft Sue Jones Julie (Titirangi) Steele Elizabeth Smith Ruth
TEE 10        
7:22 Thornalley Ngaere Lee Luna Sook Hyun Yates Jenny  
7:29 Macrae Irene Horton Janet Porter Elaine Gillespie Sue
7:36 Hunter Daphne Taylor Sue Gaskell Anne Clark Grace
7:43 Simmons Norrey O'Neill Marg Bell Rachael Miller Shirlene
7:50 Betts Diana McLean Pam McGarry Jackie Spencer Colleen
7:57 Lissaman Sue O'Connor Rose Brown Judy Evans Sharlene
8:04 Bell Marie Hardie Boys Kirsty Mauger Michelle Ellis Dawn
  GROSS & NETT WEDNESDAY 18th March 2020  
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE 1        
10:10 Smith Liane Ford Marg Hale Raewyn Kirk Kath
10:17 Evans Sandy Handforth Frances Bearsley Carol McLafferty Pauline
10:24 Guy Michelle Kelling Anita Tripe Marion Murdoch Pip
10:31 Pittman Diane Grigg Jane Beard Angela Hamilton Julie
10:38 Clark Diana Gilray Kay Butts Catherine Turnbull Lizzie
10:45 Neame Helen Baker Jo Dunn Michelle Smith Lorraine
10:52 Mulholland Erin Patchett Di Odlin Alison Jensen Pru
10:59 Drury Jill Speedy Joyce Hannan Judy Broad Lyn
11:06 Barley Lesley Barltrop Ann Smith Julie Weavers Noeline
11:13 Ingram Jane Jones Margaret Robertson Margaret Norris Helen
11:20 Brand Lynn Ross Jeanette Mackie Chrissie Fox Liz
11:27 Wehipeihana Karen Anderson Bay Jane Batchelor Lyn Coughlan Margaret-Mary
11:34 Tate Lynda Thomas Andrea(Rarangi) Reynolds Fleur Bary Tracy
  GROSS & NETT WEDNESDAY 18th March 2020  
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE IO        
10:17 Wood Valerie Wickham Jane Hart Leslie Clarke Cecilia
10:24 Elliott Marion Wilson Cherry McGechan Cris Bain Dale
10:31 Kemp Honor McAllister Claire Cooper Sue McKeown Roslyn
10:38 Yates Pauline Black Margaret Forth Catherine Fahey Chris
10:45 Springhall Susie Whaley Pamela Fletcher Bronnie Ainsworth Jan
10:52 Scandrett Hilary O'Boyle Anna Coote Lizzie Pears Christine
10:59 Selwyn Christine Smith Mary Moyle Janne Holder Karen
11:06 Sutherland Fran Jefferis Lucy Crengle Pat Work Shona
11:13 Spry Pamela Harold Shirleen Hegan Louise Kroeger Hellen
11:20 Hillery-Lynch Grainne Thomas Andrea(RA) Quaife Bridget Nistor Annette
11:27 Ross Kim Edwards June Muir Gaye Jones Julie (Harewood)
  Divisions by index     Carts booked
  Senior 0 - 16.9 Intermediate 17 - 22.1 Junior 22.2 - 31.7  
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE 1        
7:22 Elliott Marion Baker Jo Wotton Juliette Hardie Boyes Kirsty
7:29 Crengle Pat Simmons Norrey Cain Terry Emson Jo
7:36 Starters time      
7:43 Ross Kim Forth Catherine Beard Angela Lofthouse Di
7:50 Ussher Sally Hunter Daphne Grigg Jane Dunn Michelle
7:57 Thornalley Ngaere O'Connor Rose Smith Liane O'Neill Marg
8:04 Knight Lesley McAllister Claire Drury Jill Brown Judy
8:11 Burns Rosemary Patchett Di Walls Helen Clark Grace
8:18 Kroeger Hellen Lee Luna Sook Hyun Robertson Margaret Kelling Anita
8:25 Jensen Pru Murdoch Pip Ross Jeanette Fahey Chris
TEE 10        
7:22 Greco Margaret Broad Lyn Orange Kathryn Fletcher Daneille
7:29 Jones Margaret Moyle Janne Hargadon Carol Saunders Tracy
7:36 Holder Karen Norris Helen Bearsley Carol Jones Julie (Titirangi)
7:43 Ainsworth Jan Ford Marg Leith Janet Jerram Liz
7:50 McKeown Roslyn Taylor Sue Ibbotson Judy Gillespie Sue
7:57 Weavers Noeline Steele Liz McLafferty Pauline Yates Pauline
8:04 Selwyn Christine Spencer Colleen Odlin Alison Evans Sandy
8:11 Macrae Irene Willett Gillian Saunders Rachel Cooper Sue
8:18 Cooper Judy Hale Raewyn Nistor Annette McLean Pam
8:25 Bary Tracy Neame Helen Eggers Mary Ellis Dawn
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE 1        
10:45 Mulholland Erin Brand Lynn Coughlan Margaret-Mary Scandrett Hilary
10:52 Fletcher Michelle Hart Leslie Preston Anne Nicolle Julie
10:59 Barltrop Ann Fox Liz Whaley Pamela Maxwell Dawn
11:06 Horton Janet Robert Linda Evans Sharlene Clark Debbie
11:13 Keys Kaye Ryan Pamela Kirk Kath Ford Beverly
11:20 Cameron Jane Chapman Andrea Tate Lynda Jefferis Lucy
11:27 McGarry Jackie Marie Grant Reynolds Bronwyn Reynolds Fleur
11:34 Schott Lyn Smith Ruth Humphrey Shirley Smith Mary
11:41 Edwards June Smith Lorraine Jacobson Mary Ann McLellan Di
11:48 Bell Marie Trapp Linley Rutledge Ann Lissaman Sue
11:55 Butts Catherine Wood Valerie Shagin Francie Janes Eve
12:02 Black Margaret Hamilton Julie Springhall Susie O'Boyle Anna
12:09 McAlpine Alison Duke Marie Dowler Lynn Turnbull Lizzie
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE IO        
10:45 Wickham Jane Clark Diana McLean Barbara Smith Joy
10:52 Spry Pamela Bell Rachael Houliston Claire Corbett Lesley
10:59 Foote Sandra Coote Lizzie McCracken Daire Hillery-Lynch Grainne
11:06 Starters time      
11:13 McSpirit Jane Minchin Bobbie Dickson Kaye Greenstreet Susan
11:20 Barley Lesley Pears Christine McGechan Cris Gaskell Anne
11:27 Speedy Joyce Neill Diane Larkin Lyndy Porter Elaine
11:34 Skilton Mary Work Shona Harding Jill Bain Dale
11:41 Gilray Kay Jones Julie(Harewood) Rice Jennifer Bartsch Judy
11:48 Guy Michelle Hegan Louise Miller Shirlene Sutherland Fran
11:55 Harold Shirleen Wehipeihana Karen Smith Julie Mauger Michelle
12:02 Muir Gaye Pittman Diane Cockcroft Sue Clarke Cecilia
12:09 Kemp Honor Corbett Andrea Hannan Judy Simpson Sue

We are delighted to be celebrating along with our main sponsor Allan Scott Family Wines, the 21st year of this very popular tournament on 16, 17, 18 , March 2020.

The format is as follows:
Starts each day from 7.30 am
Monday and Wednesday in three divisions.

Monday 16 March 2020
18 hole Stableford entries closed.
Our "Welcome to the Allan Scott 21st Womens Golf Tournament Party" at the club house at 5.30pm  followed by the day's prize-giving. 

Tuesday 17 March 2020
18 hole 4BBB entries closed.
Prize-giving at 6.30pm followed by "A Taste of Marlborough" with Executive Chef Maree Connolly from Allan Scott Wines Twelve Tree Restaurant.  This is a very special gourmet delight (accompanied by a glass of wine)  showcasing Marlborough's food specialties over a number of stations - in Victoria's words "no-one will  go away hungry"!

Wednesday 18 March 2020
18 hole Gross and Nett Championship Round entries are closed.
Prize-giving soon after the field is in followed by a simple meal before you travel home. 
Please be aware this day will be in handicap order starting with the juniors (highest handicaps) first followed by the intermediate field and finally the seniors. Please consider this when you are making bookings to return home. Senior tee time will be between 11am and 12md. This is a change from previous years.

Payment details:
1. Direct credit payments to SBS Bank 03 1355 0687483 00 must have surname and club/player ID.
2. Cheques may be posted to ASWT, 34 Thomson Ford Rd, RD 2, Blenheim.
3. Cost:
Golf $40 per person per day.
Monday welcome complimentary.
Tuesdays "Taste of Marlborough" with Maree $72
Wednesdays meal paid to the caterer at the clubhouse by Tuesday midday. 

Important conditions of entry:
1. Each player must enter individually on-line or by post.
2. Entries will only be accepted on receipt of payment.
3. Special requests can be emailed to or noted on your entry.
4. All entries will be acknowledged.
5. Players entering multiple days have priority over those entering one to two days.
6. Players of all handicaps welcome but maximum playing handicap will be 36.
7. Entries will be divided into approximately three equal divisions.
8. 4BBB partner to be nominated on entry or we can arrange a partner for you.
9. A limited number of carts are available. If you require one please email with your request and provide a medical certificate.  Carts probably will be on a share basis.
10. Wednesday Championship round will be a seeded draw in handicap order with the Junior division leading. In event of a draw, overall winner will be decided by a play-off. 
11. The draw will be emailed to competitors, posted on website, and posted in the clubhouse on Wednesday 11th March 2020. Any updates will be emailed.
12. Your email may be shared with our sponsors. Please make us aware, if you do not wish this to happen. 
13. Cancellations will be notified by email. 
14. Entries are non-refundable after the closing date.
15. The course is available for complimentary practise on Sunday afternoon after midday 15th March. Course is closed on Sunday morning. No practise on the course on tournament days.
16. Report to starter 20 minutes prior to tee off time.
17. Results and draw available on
18. Entries closed Friday 20th February 2020.
Please do not hesitate to make contact for special requests and queries. 
Pru Jensen 03 5791284 or 0276460669 or email 
We look forward to hosting you in sunny Marlborough. 

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