Coming events:
Double start times on Saturday
From January 13, 2018 we will be running two start times on Saturdays for members wanting to be in the day’s competition. You will have the choice to start at either 8.30 or at 12md. This is on trial for the summer and will then be reviewed. It is designed to give people flexibility, and for those who want to beat the heat in the middle of the day.

Redwood Tavern Memorial Tournament 4BBB Saturday 25 November. 
Lone Pine challenge at Rarangi Sunday 26th 12md tee time

Marlbourgh Golf Club AGM Thursday 23 November 7.30 pm.

Past events:
Marlborough Golf Club 2017 Club Champs results
Senior: Adam Tyney
Intermediate A: William Harrison
Intermediate B: Mike Irving

Senior Division A: Emily Stenhouse
Senior Division B: Lucy Jefferis
Intermediate: Frances Handforth

18 hole finals
Junior B: Liam Keegan

Junior A: Louise Pearce
Junior B: Helen Lissaman

Mens Junior A: Tony Yardley

2017 Winners of the Villa Maria Cup
1st Tina Marfell 3900 points
2nd Marion Tripe 3500 points
3rd June Maslin 3000 points
4th Jane Anderson Bay 2800 points
5th Frances Handforth 2350 points
1st Al Parker 3900 points
2nd Kevin Hawkins 3750 points
3rd Dave Watson 2785 points
4th Chris Dewet 2375 points
5th Liam Keegan 2075 points
6th Hugh Bay 2000 points
7th Mike Irving 1750 points
8th Glen Kirkwood 1400 points
9th Trevor McGarry 1325 points
10th Mike Macleod 1230 points
11th Richard McLean 1225 points