MGP Spring Classic
A popular tournament open to both men and women. Date for 2018, Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd November. You can play in one or both days' competition.
Entries now open 
MGP Spring Classic
Date: Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November.
Mens and womens divisions.
1st Day: Stableford 12 noon start
2nd Day: Gross and Nett plus Stableford for two day competitors. 11.30 am start.
1) Entry forms: 
 a) Entries can be completed by scrolling to the bottom of this page, enter your details and click on submit or
 b) Print the form, complete and post or deliver to Marlborough Golf Club, 74 Paynters Rd, RD 2, Blenheim 7272.
 Entries close 24 October 2018 at 5pm or earlier if the field is full. With both forms of payment you must include your full name, club and membership number.
2) Payment details: 
a) Payment by direct credit to SBS 03 1355 0551447 04 with name and club ID as reference.
b) Cheques payable to Marlborough Golf Club - MGP Spring Classic. 
c) Cash or eftpos at the Golf Club. Payment by credit card will attract a surcharge. 
Both days $80 /One day $45 (reduced to $70 and $40 respectively for entries received before 30 September).
Important conditions of entry: 
1. Each player must register on-line or fill in an entry form.
2. Entries will only be accepted on receipt of payment and entry form.
3. Direct credit payments to SBS 03 1355 0551447 04 must have surname and club ID 
4. All entries will be acknowledged prior to closing date.
5. Players of all handicaps welcome but maximum playing handicap will be 36 for both men and women.
6. Marlborough Golf Club reserves the right to limit single day entry. Field with be limited to 120. 
7. Entries will be divided in to approximately equal divisions for men and women according to the size of the field.  
8. In event of a tie, the overall winner will be decided by playoff.
9. Entries are non-refundable after the closing date.
10. The draw will be emailed to all competitors, posted on website, and posted in the clubhouse.
11. Your email may be shared with our sponsors. Please make us aware, if you do not wish this to happen.
12. The course is available for complimentary practise on Thursday  afternoon 1 November after 12.30 pm. The green-keepers have right of way. The course is closed on Thursday morning. No practise on the course on tournament days.
13. Report to starter 45 minutes prior to tee off time.
14. Results will be available on and at the club house.
15 Any special requests please email to
16. A limited number of carts are available. If you require one please contact the Golfhub 03 5797646 with your request. Carts probably will be on a share basis.
17. Cancellations to Robin Taylor 027 2769791 or 035792980
For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jonti or Chas at the Golfhub 03 578 7646
We look forward to hosting you in sunny Marlborough.
  Report 20 minutes before tee off    
TEE 1          
12:00 Francis Hanforth Marion Tripe Cherry Wilson Kirsty Hardie Boys  
12:08 Tommy Glubb Geoff Barnett Alan Parker Andrew Stowell  
12:16 Robin Taylor Don Elley Euan McLauchlan John McLauchlan  
12:24 Jackie McGarry Jane Anderson-Bay Kaye Eggers Lucy Jefferis  
12:32 Jeannine Paul Helen Lissaman Pru Jensen Denise Pickering  
12:40 Wendy Batchelor Jo Grigg Mary Ann Jacobson Francie Shagin  
12:48 Gordon Lang Hugh Bay Malcolm Pettigrew Kim Andrews  
12:56 Ken Steel Dean Greenhill Francis Hassan Ian Newport  
13:04 Dave Kappstein John Gudsell Ravi Johl Peter Diack  
13:12 Peter Marfell Ken Eggers Bob Nicolle Glen Kirkwood  
TEE 10          
12:00 Leanne Stowell Mary Skilton June Maslin    
12:08 Mike Ponder Trevor Skilton Tony Armstrong Richard Anderson  
12:16 Lance Nuttall Tony Tripe David Smith Drew Ellis  
12:24 Jon Nicol Paul Eden Julian Terry Brian Burgess  
12:32 Werner Pluss Guido Bertogg Stuart McLagan Ross Young  
12:40 Scott Murray John O'Brien Alastair Boyle Hans Blohm  
12:48 Dave Watson Nick Robinson Paul Ferguson Dave Wiley  
12:56 Brent Flintoft Kevin Hawkins Graeme Parker Brian Chippindale  
13:04 Mike Macleod Terry Shagin Paul Silke Chris De Wett  
13:12 Nick Thomson Gerry Rooney Grant Craig Chas Craig William Harrison
  Report 20 minutes before tee off  
TEE 1        
12:00 Amber Boyce Emily Stenhouse Marilyn Keenan Jane Ingram
12:08 Dave Watson Nick Robinson Hugh Robinson Paul Ferguson
12:16 Yuichi Ando Kerry Fyfe Paul Silke Drew Ellis
12:24 William Harrison Terry Shagin Mike Macleod Chris De Wett
12:32 Jeannine Paul Maureen Burrow June Maslin Francie Shagin
12:40 Wendy Batchelor Pru Jensen Kaye Eggers Mary Skilton
12:48 Cherry Wilson Jane Anderson-Bay Sue Campbell Elaine Porter
12:56 David Smith Tony Tripe Ian Newport Richard Anderson
13:04 Brian Chippindale Trevor Skilton Scott Murray Lyndsay Burrow
13:12 Brent Flintoft Andrew Stowell Gerry Rooney Tony Armstrong
13:20 Greg Thomas Ben Holden Chas Craig John Davis
TEE 10        
12:00 Jackie McGarry Francis Hanforth Heather Stenhouse  
12:08 Robin Taylor John O'Brien Hugh Bay Don Elley
12:16 Marion Tripe Helen Lissaman Denise Pickering Leanne Stowell
12:24 Stuart McLagan Guido Bertogg Werner Pluss Mike Ponder
12:32 Jon Nicol Brian Burgess Paul Eden Julian Terry
12:40 Dave Kappstein Ravi Johl John Gudsell Malcolm Pettigrew
12:48 Peter Marfell Glen Kirkwood Ken Eggers Bob Nicolle
12:56 Geoff Barnett Tommy Glubb Peter Diack Alan Parker
13:04 Lance Nuttall Hans Blohm Nick Thomson  
13:20 Gordon Lang Ross Young Phil Hardie Boys Sam Strong